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Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen

For those more interested in folklore than medicine, If you like cooking (especially as an expression of pagan spirituality), Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen by Scott Cunningham is an extremely valuable book. I personally was a little reluctant to buy this book when I first ran across it, as his herbs are listed in his herbal encyclopedia with similar descriptions. However, Cunningham’s creative approach to his craft once again made me break down and buy one of his books. There is discussion of how to consume a spiritual meal, suggestions on things to keep in mind when preparing food that is intended to be enchanted, and ethics.

The book is in three parts, the first details the basics of a magical kitchen, part two is organized like a cookbook, and part three lists recommendations for foods to include in your diet for several common magical goals. This is great, if you are one of the types (like me) that may spend a week or more trying to surround yourself with things in line with your goals, incorporating this into your daily eating is an excellent practice. This cookbook can also be an excellent source of seasonal or holiday foods, which can be a way to start new traditions with family gatherings. Inspired by this book, I eat root vegetables seasoned with protective herbs during meals that follow ritual as a way to ground more effectively. There are also some great recipes for potluck if you are bringing a meal to serve to pagans after a solar celebration (or even just informal circle gatherings).

He has included several useful tables for quick reference, as usual. There are suggestions for magical goals when you are restrained by a diet of commercially prepared junk foods and a small selection of symbols to use in your cooking (such as drawing symbols onto a pizza crust in olive oil before baking).

Really, if you are pagan and like to cook, there is no reason why you should not own this book.

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