Dangerous plants. Also, dandelions. But not in that order.

So today, when I was watering my not-so-awesome looking patch of weeds, I noticed that the seeds I put down have been coming up. I wasn’t sure that’s what they were at first, but I noticed some of the edges have tiny little points on them so I googled, and sure enough I’ve got a nice crop coming in. Now maybe in a few weeks my foraged and transplanted plants won’t look like they’re in a trashy mudpuddle.

Dandelion Seedlings

In the meantime, I went ahead and published my poison ivy page, even though I was going to do that when I finished my hemlock page and publish those together. But, since for the hemlock page I’m actually covering several plants in the family and I decided the drawings were a pain in the butt, I can’t seem to manage to get back around to finishing them. I thought maybe publishing part of the project would help me get to the rest of it, even though lately I’ve been working on a large project that seems to be eating up my free time. Hopefully I’ll get to a stopping point in that soon and get the hemlock page up.