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About Dryad In The Elm: Who I am, why I blog

You should know as you read this that you are reading the writings of a sufferer of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. These beliefs have eased my suffering and helped me face life in a way that brings me confidence and strength. Don’t worry, my blog won’t be this flaky. This is stuff that I keep to myself and most people in my life aren’t even aware it’s going on. It might make my herb pages make more sense though.

I am Pagan. I call myself this because I believe that God has no limits, and all of creation is a part of God. Every molecule around me and within me, along with every thought I have, is a part of a force that can not be defined. God may speak to one person in the language that they can understand and another person in an entirely different way (the way we talk to children versus our closest friends) and yet still be the same God.

Maybe I should have done one of the coexist signs :)


To me, this is a part of “God created man in his own image”, that God will make itself (gender is a limit) known to other cultures the way I make myself known to other people. I believe that every religion, as long as it follows the path of light, is a true and valid religion, given to that culture in the way that culture can understand. This is a beautiful and holy thing to me, and I love the diversity of belief that life brings us.

I believe in the connection of mind, body, and spirit, and that we are a part of our environment as we influence the world around us, just as much as it influences us. Because of this, I believe in living a natural lifestyle as closely as possible, and ecological principles help me express gratitude to the creative force.

I believe in creative expression, and in the power of symbolic ritual to allow us to interact with our own mind in a healthy and healing way. I believe that my unconscious mind speaks in symbols and I can embrace this symbolic language to my benefit. By this, I mean that I fully embrace the concept of the placebo effect. I’ve had people criticize my use of stones to ease my joint pain, but whether the stone works because of unseen forces or if it works because my mind thinks it will work, who cares as long as my pain diminishes?

I have alleviated depression through meditating with stones and herbs, herbal teas, and psycho-dramatic rituals. I have used meditation to root out the cause of disease and anxiety, and I use nurturing foods and exercise to show myself that I am worthy of love and nurturing.It does not matter to me if it is biology, psychology, magic, or prayer. All is one.

Mind, Body, Spirit

If it is a medicine that helps you, a therapist that helps you, or a prayer or ritual that helps you, that is all healing through the mind/body/spirit connection. I believe that using these avenues of health together, embracing Western medicine, herbalism*, therapy, and spiritual pursuits, makes for the most effective road for a happy and fulfilling life.

I believe that a holistic approach should be used hand in hand with modern medicine, as holistic and preventive medicine promotes the entire system, while Western medicine can target specific problems and treat them. They support each other, and neither should be shunned. This is a subject I am still learning about, and I do not claim to be an expert on the area, though I may share part of my learning experience as I study herbalism, healthier cooking, therapeutic creative expression, and other aspects of a fulfilling spiritual life.

So, this is why I study the connections between folklore and medicine, and between the mind and body. I often find it interesting how folklore and medicine combine. For instance, the potent herbal antibiotic garlic is known to ward off evil; when you consider that disease used to be thought caused by demons and evil, this makes perfect sense. Stones traditionally used for joint pain are often high in copper, something that arthritis sufferers wear in bracelets to ease their pain in the modern age. Similar findings and possibilities keeps me ever comparing ancient astrological influences and modern scientific findings. Hey, we all have to have a hobby.

*This website is a compilation of my research and experience; I am neither a medical doctor nor am I a licensed herbalist. I am self-taught and though I have a few years of experience I am still only learning, so do not take my research as either a diagnosis or an attempt to prescribe treatment. This isn’t a disclaimer, either. I’m serious. I’ve had no formal training and the gaps in my knowledge an elephant could fall through.


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