Stupid. Jerkface. Mice.

Here I am being all nice and providing a habitat for some wintering cold mice, food and all, completely willingly. I mean, I took my pantry items and put what I wanted in the freezer or refrigerator, and actually scattered some grains in the empty pantry for them to nibble on. We get mice here occasionally in the winter, but I figured when the weather warmed up in spring I could clean out the pantry really well and put some peppermint oil in an aromatherapy diffuser. It’s worked to chase them out in the past, they hate mint. I can’t bring myself to kill them (even now they’ve turned on me, the bastards).

They’ve been a relatively low annoyance. They keep getting into my sprouts, so I’ve put that off until I shoo them out of here. Other than that, it hasn’t been so bad (though the pantry is pretty gross and will need a good cleaning but that’s doable). Until now.

Stupid jerk mice ate my dandelions.

Not only did someone break my flower and it wasn’t me, there are a lot of nibbled leaves all throughout my pot. See the scattered blooms on the plants below the broken flower?

Stupid jerk mice ate my dandelions.

The same two plants with the scattered blooms the next morning. And the whole pot looks much smaller and very grazed. Some glutton mouse brought a friend I think.

I was looking forward to those dandelions. I bought plant lights this year. I was working on actually starting to grow food indoors, and really wanted a constant supply of dandelions because I love them. I think they are very tasty and I think people who say they are bitter are insane. I wanted a nice, easy to harvest, not dog-peed on or neighbor stepped on, lofty soil so easy to pull up the roots, big leaves that are well fertilized, big fat tasty crop of indoor pampered as shit dandelions. I mean, I’ll still get them, I’m sure the plants will regrow. But they’ve been damaged and I’m pissed.

In some small way it’s kind of fitting. I mean, you want to start an indoor garden where you farm on a tiny scale? Here’s some tiny equivalent of a deer to frustrate you like a proper gardener. But this next bit? This next bit takes the cake.

Stupid mice KILLED my milkweed.

The one on the left is the only surviving seedling from the ravenous invasion. If you look, you can see it has a seed head where the leaves will emerge. The one on the right looks like all my other milkweed seedlings. A mutilated stalk that will wither and die very shortly. Hopefully I’ll have some slow to germinate seedlings come up, but as it stands, it looks like my plans to do my small part of feeding the monarchs has been slapped in the face. Sigh. I’ll try again next spring I suppose, unless I get a few more plants. I can plant the one survivor outside by my porch, maybe I’ll get super lucky and it will go to seed.

At least my mint will survive the onslaught. It hasn’t been touched, they really do seem to dislike it. My ginger isn’t damaged so far either, and is growing more quickly than I thought it would (I posted a pic of it about ten days ago at the bottom of this post). Here’s the full window (taken yesterday when I noticed my flower was broken):

Zone 0

So I’m lucky enough to have a nice, deep windowsill (it’s so appropriate for a pagan to garden on their altar too). Maybe if I put a cardboard box under the dandelions it will be hard for the mice to climb. Then I can grow them some sprouts at the base that they can feel free to nibble until the snow melts and I kick their thieving grimy asses outside. I’m trying to use permaculture principles inside my home, this would be the part where I grow plants for the wild critters to keep them away from my crops.

Sigh. Double sigh. This was such a cranky start to my day. Well, as long as I’m here maybe I can get some blog work done. I’ve been sick, stressed, and distracted so perhaps I can get more done on the dandelion page that I was hoping to have out at the beginning of the month. Unless I nap. Up for debate at this point.