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20,000 Secrets of Tea

I loved Victoria Zak’s The Magic Teaspoon, and I was not disappointed when I saw who wrote 20,000 Secrets of Tea. Once again Zak has managed to enchant me into the faraway lands of the ancient spice trade, only this time Zak encourages the reader to bring more herbalism into their daily life with medicinal teas. Around the time that I purchased this book, I was seeking books that covered a variety of preparations (like herbal lip balm and ointments or lotions). This book reminded me of the value in specialization, that it is good to have a book that will explore more in-depth one specific subject. Focusing on teas allows the reader to refine their herbal teas to an art, using tips such as creating herbal blends using intuition and creative expression, and how to fine tune your blends for specific needs in a way that expresses your personality.

The encyclopedic section of the book talks a great deal about how the herb acts upon the system as a whole, and has practical interpretations on why the herb alleviates a particular complaint. Even better, when relevant, information on the nutritional value of the medicinal herbs is given, allowing you to work this easily into the “food is medicine” lifestyle. This is useful when considering which herbs to try, and can lead to more successful treatment. There are some great tips on dosage, and evaluating whether or no the treatment is showing success. As a self-taught kind of girl, I personally appreciate this kind of quality information, it makes me feel as if I might be closing some of the gaps in my knowledge.

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