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Quick Safety Warning: Jelly Jar Glasses

Okay, so on this corner of the web we all prefer to buy things in packaging we can reuse, right? I’m going to say avoid this brand of jelly jar.

The bottom keeps falling off of my jelly jar.

This is the second time this has happened to me in just the last couple of months. I had two drinking glasses from this brand of jelly jar, and the bottom just fell right off. The first time I was doing the dishes, I think there was a mug involved, I’m not sure what happened, but the bottom became separated from the glass in a nice clean cut.

Last night, I was filling it with water. That’s all. I have no recollection of any banging against a counter or being dropped and put back in the cabinet. Both of these glasses are about a year old, I’m starting to think this brand may have something wrong in the design in the bottom where it doesn’t hold up very long, or if it’s knocked at just the right angle…

Thankfully I’ve already switched to something with a handle on it because the lids screw on and look more like I might be able to do a smoothie on the go or something with it.


2 thoughts on “Quick Safety Warning: Jelly Jar Glasses

  1. This happens when you put cold water in a warm glass or when washing and rinsing and then set in a cold sink. It took 5 to break on me before I realized what was happening:/ these are the only drinkibg glasses I covet and now I only have 5 left. We had set of 10. If you know where to get let me know. Our Brookshires jelly came in them but they moved from our area:(


    • Not for me. This happened with a room temperature glass in my cabinet with cold water being poured into it. Sure it was cold water, but the glass was room temperature. The first time it happened I was using warm water but there was no cold sink involved, the sink was warm from doing dishes but I don’t think the glass had the chance to touch it yet anyway, I was soaping it for washing and it was in my hand. I do believe that with glasses this fragile and unstable, sure a cold sink would probably do that to them as well, seeing as how that doesn’t happened to other glasses I’ll still call that a dangerous design flaw.


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