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This is so much fun!

I installed cookbook software on my laptop (Living Cookbook) and I’m still kind of stranded on the couch with horrid lungs (I get out of breath even doing laundry… then again I do it by hand with a plunger-looking “agitator” and a bucket) so I just finished entering in my entire Pintrest collection of recipes and am going through my bookmarks. I just figured out how to add photos to each procedure, this means I can totally put in icing and decorating tutorials. I figured out yesterday I can drag and drop so I don’t have to save every photo for every recipe. Now I can put notes on the recipes I use and will finally be able to fine tune my own recipes without having to hunt down all my scraps of paper with notes from the last time. Everything will be so much easier!

I open the recipe in my browser, copy the url and paste into the source section, drag the photo to the image section, and copy the recipe text and paste onto a clipboard on the program. Then I highlight the different parts of the recipe (like the name, ingredients, procedure) and the program automatically lists, numbers, and sorts for me from there. I have a cookbook for internet finds and made a separate cookbook for my own kitchen experiments and family favorites. One of these days I’ll export the favorites to a file and print it off to hand to my son when he moves out.

In theory there’s an online community that comes with this thing, with lots of recipe sharing and a huge database with one-click downloads for it, but I’m not ready to really go there yet. Sounds like I won’t be buying many cookbooks anymore, unless they focus on mastering a skill or something obscure (like you will never convince me that the internet can substitute for any of Peter Reinhart’s bread books, but that generic Mexican food cookbook debate I’ve been having with myself, I’m thinking not so needed).

I know, I sound like a freaking advertisement, but I’m loving this thing. I hate having my recipes all over the place. Some on Pinterest, some in bookmarks from before I was on that, some in cookbooks, some in my handwritten notebooks. I probably won’t transcribe them all, but if I simply transcribe the ones I use it will still make it so much easier.

This thing has a glossary of cooking techniques, a monthly meal planner, links ingredients to nutritional information automatically, and if you’re even more detail oriented than I am, you can input your pantry to generate shopping lists. It has collaboration features to make cookbooks with other people, allows you to export to Microsoft Word for editing and publishing a cookbook, and a ton of other features that I just don’t think I’m quite ready for yet. Maybe the meal planning, maybe. Right now I’m just happy that my recipes will be searchable, I can flag them in different colors and resort by the colors, so if I’m browsing this makes it easy to click something to find quickly later.

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